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Christ, faithful Sower, scattering the good seed, God’s word of promise, full of truth and grace;
give us, your people, courage, strength, and wisdom, that we may serve you in this time and place.

Teach us discernment as the quickened seeds sprout, when weeds and good plants have together grown, to tell temptations from the worth they mimic,
to seek your purpose rather than our own.

Gird us with patience when no harvest ripens,
lest we despair and think our labors vain;
though it seem slow, your word of life will prosper, seedtime at length will yield abundant grain.

— hymn by Carl P. Daw (1944–)



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We share space with Little Bees Lab Preschool. Even though the preschool is not affiliated with St John's, we have enjoyed a strong working relationship with them.

Please contact them with any additional questions.

   774-215-0980, Ext 2 or 781-705-2468


Little Bees Lab Preschool

A little about Little Bees Lab Preschool...

The early education of children is priceless. It is the best time to make an impact on their lives, and what better way to do so than in a warm, caring atmosphere that is as familiar as their own home? A home away from home. Little Bees Lab Preschool is passionate about providing exceptional care and education for children, creating a loving and stimulating environment where they can thrive and reach their full potential.

Marie Mathieu St Joy’s education includes a Bachelor of Arts in Women’s Studies from the University of New Hampshire and a master’s in healthcare management from Cambridge College. She actively continues her Early Childhood Education through Massasoit Community College. Marie Mathieu St Joy is a licensed Early Education & Care provider, a licensed Early Education & Care Lead Teacher, and a licensed Early Education & Care State Director II.

When they are not guiding children on learning adventures, Marie Mathieu and Miche St Joy enjoy spending time with their four beautiful girls.

Marie Mathieu St Joy | Miche St. Joy
Co-Owners & Directors

Little Bees Lab Preschool

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